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Over the past few years, we have received a lot of attention from the news media all around the country and beyond.
Please check out the articles and videos below from the "Fourth Estate".

New Hartford, New York WTK TV

In this day and age a self-defense class is definitely a good idea, and Saturday some local veterans took part in a very unique one in New Hartford. Sitrin Health Care Center hosted a cane self-defense seminar. The event was made possible with the help of Secure Living Online and the American Martial Arts Institute.



Spokane, Washington KHQ TV

GM Shuey and GM Thom Forman went to Spokane where they put on a Warrior Cane Project Seminar. Below is a report by KHQ television about the event:

Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather

Lake Tahoe TV
Check out the interview of Mark by Mike Peron of Lake Tahoe TV.
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GM Shuey was recently interviewed by Jeremy Lesniak of for their podcast.
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Standard Examiner
This article written by Stephanie Chambers, is about Al Hawley and entitled Northern Utah veteran finds empowerment, purpose through cane fu self-defense.
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20/20 with Host Chris Cuomo
September 7, 2012

Pictured here Cane-Fu Instructor Mike Patterson with 20/20 film crew. Mark and Mike were all involved with the production of Seniors Fighting Back produced by Eamon McNiff of ABS News for the 20/20 news journal. Along with a cane class from the Edgar Johnson Senior Center in Palatka Florida, self-defense techniques and strategies using the cane were shown and offered as an efficient and effective way for seniors to protect themselves.
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June 2012

Here is a recent story of a woman in Spokane Washington who took matters into her own hands!
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The Wall Street Journal
July 2008

This article, written by Jennifer Levitz, was seen on the front page of the second section and the term Cane-Fu was coined.
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The Colbert Report
June 2009

Stephen Colbert is famous for his tongue-in-cheek satires of events of the day, including Cane Masters! On the Enemy Within segment, Mr. Colbert took a humorous jab at Mark Shuey Sr. and seniors learning to use the cane. This is a MUST watch!
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The Associated Press
March 2009

Craig Litten wrote this article for the AP and it was picked up by many regional papers, including the Gainsville Sun.
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CBS News
July 2009

Watch a group of women practice the art of Cane-Fu. These ladies are NOT to be messed with!
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USA Today
July 2009

Another in the national series of articles about Cane-Fu and using the cane for self-defense.
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