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  • Meet Mark Shuey

    Starting Martial Arts in 1970 in the Chuck Norris System of Tang Soo Do, Grand Master Shuey received his 1st degree Black Belt in 1978 under Master Harold Gross, Master Dennis Itchakawa and Master Neil Citron, and started teaching the martial arts in 1979

  • Train In Tahoe

    Bring the family for a vacation and enjoy our world class training at our facility in the Lake Tahoe area, with pristine vistas and all the amenities of Lake Tahoe's North Shore. Join Mark Shuey, Sr. for private lessons and our staff for daily workouts.

  • Cane Masters International Association

    Join one of the fastest growing self-defense and martial arts organizations in the world and receive discounts on Cane Masters merchandise, training tips, our newsletter, and more.