Wood Types

Our Premium Woods

Our wood stock comes in two different styles:

JC Wood

The above has a slightly angular shape in the crook with a flat top and tighter curve; available in hickory, hickory with heartwood, pure hickory heart wood and oak.

Miller Wood

This raw stock is round and of a constant diameter throughout the crook, but may show some wrinkles on the inside, and has a more open curve; available in hickory, hickory with heartwood, pure hickory heartwood,and oak.

If you would prefer one style over another, please indicate your choice in the order comments/details section of the order page.


We use white, red, and tan heavy oak, which is usually a dark khaki color after it is soaked in mineral oil. The grain is more pronounced and open than hickory, but we would rate it as combat grade wood.


This is a fine grained, dense American hardwood, typically bone colored. It is our hardest and heaviest combat grade stock.

Hickory with Heartwood

Mother Nature adds beautiful inserts of "Heartwood" to the bone color of our standard hickory to give your cane a very distinctive look. The contrast of colors is simply outstanding!

Pure Hickory Heartwood

As the term denotes, hickory "Heartwood" comes from the center or "heart" of the hickory tree. The color can range from a dark honey to deep mahogany. If you want a truly sophisticated look, ask for your cane to be made from this gorgeous wood! Limited quantities available.

Thumper Stock

This wood, available in all hickory types, is harvested in the winter months when the wood has the highest amount of sap, and as a result it is heavier and denser. If you want a really stout strong stick, this is it! Available in limited quantities.

All Cane Master Premium Canes are hand made in our facilities in Nevada under the supervision of Mark Shuey Sr. They are soaked in non-toxic mineral oil to give them added durability and resilience, hand sanded and finished with bee's wax (unless you choose a tung oil finish at extra cost).

All canes come with a rubber tip unless otherwise indicated.

Please note: All canes manufactured by Cane Masters are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months*. If you feel you have received an inferior product, please return it along with proof of purchase for inspection to:

Cane Masters P.O.Box 5151 Incline Village, NV 89450

*SPECIAL NOTE: Canes that have multiple grips and/or "Sharks Teeth" carved into the shaft are NOT to be used in the training environment, including but not limited to striking a heavy bag and/or another cane or weapon. As such, they are not warrantied against breakage when used in this manner.