Warrior Cane Project

Warrior Cane Project

What is the Warrior Cane Project?

In 2010, the Marine Corps asked Thomas Forman and Valhalla Security Consulting to begin teaching Combat Cane to the Wounded Warrior Regiment, the regiment of the Marine Corps that is made up of wounded Marines. Since November 2010, Mr. Forman has provided the special canes and conducted several Combat Cane training sessions at multiple Marine Corps bases, hospitals and naval hospitals. These training sessions have met with great enthusiasm from the Marines who have participated.

The Purpose

Training the Wounded Warriors in Combat Cane serves to:

  • Help with physical rehabilitation
  • Build morale among disabled veterans
  • Allow a Wounded Warrior to maintain partial or full active duty service
  • Empower Veterans to remain Warriors

The Instructors

Tom Forman, Mark Shuey Sr., and Mike Patterson are the Certified Instructors for the Warrior Cane Project. Each man has a unique skill set that combined have created an efficent and effective self defense program.

Help Train Wounded Warriors Nationwide!

Due to the success of the initial training sessions, the Marine Corps and the Army have requested Mr. Forman and Valhalla Security Consulting to teach Combat Cane sessions all over the United States and to train Wounded Warriors to become Combat Cane Instructors. These Wounded Warrior instructors can then maintain partial or full active duty service.

Organize a FREE 3 Hour Cane Seminar

The Warrior Cane Project is offering a free 3 hour cane seminar for groups of 25 or more disabled veterans, which includes a free cane ($225 value). For more information or to schedule an event, please contact: Cane Masters (800)422-2263 or email info@canemasters.com

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Would you please donate a cane to help a brave Warrior who was wounded in service to our country?>

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