On this page, you will find some of the comments we've been getting from our customers and cane users around the world.

Our Client, Marty D., age: 79 had this to say about our services:

The facilities are comfortable with a wide range of workout and cane specific equipment. The staff and instructors, especially Grand Master Shuey, are always available and flexible to changes in student workout requirements. Everyone is very supportive in students’ efforts – successful or “otherwise.” There’s also a feeling of personal contact with students. The location is centrally located in Incline Village, close to shopping and services. Master Shuey has a dome reflection and ticker output second to none

My attitude is improving with time and training with Cane Masters too. Since I started, my balance has greatly improved; my training has helped with my skiing and my overall wellbeing. I highly recommend Grand Master Shuey’s teaching and methods to anyone looking to improve themselves.


"Cane Masters has provided some of the best customer service I have experienced in doing business with any company that offers products and/or services.

In several phone calls, I received friendly, personalized, and effective assistance from Grand Master Shuey and several members of his staff.

These are people who apparently have one central goal: to make life better for other people.

In the past month or two, I have purchased two canes and three videos from Cane Masters. When I phoned the company to ask questions before ordering each of my two hand-crafted canes, Grand Master Shuey came to the phone, patiently answered my questions, and made excellent recommendations tailored to my needs. I wanted one cane for walking and self-defense, and the other for walking, self-defense, exercise, and therapy. Grand Master Shuey was understanding, knowledgeable, and intuitive; both canes I received were precisely what I needed and wanted. Each cane was crafted from solid wood with beautiful grain and natural color. They are pieces of art with multiple functions, and I love using them.

Through three of the company’s videos, I am learning to use my canes for self-defense and exercise. I think this is the first time I have enjoyed an exercise video, although I have used a variety of them. Because I have several chronic illnesses that cause pain and fatigue, I often end an exercise session with more pain than I had at the start. However, after using a Cane Masters video, I feel better instead of worse. Grand Master Shuey demonstrates the techniques clearly, with a calm, professional, and cheerful demeanor. Although the videos begin with moves that are not strenuous for me and that are relatively simple, Grand Master Shuey explains how a person can intensify the workout using stretch therapy bands with greater resistance.

I had only been using a cane for two weeks when I learned about Cane Masters, its hand-crafted canes, and its training programs. Instead of having stress from getting used to carrying and using a cane, I have had the positive and very happy experience of obtaining two beautiful canes that I love to carry and use. I also have videos that are teaching me self-defense techniques and providing exercise and therapy that are key components in my health treatment plan.

It’s so good to meet people whose objective is making life better for others. I’m thankful that Cane Masters is having a positive effect on mine."

Marsha Zimsky
Chesterfield, Virginia



GM Shuey,

"I am a North American Special Operations combatives instructor and writing to thank you not only for an excellent product but phenomenal service.
I have used your canes and promoted them for a number of years for some very specific training applications. In my opinion they are the best out there.
On a recent order you dropped everything to customize to my needs and it was done in short order.  Thank you.  I have trained personally a professional who in plain clothes used one of your canes to successfully extract themselves from a very dangerous situation against an armed attacker.  The “Shark Teeth” are a great design.  Thanks for an excellent product."





"As senior citizens, we find the Cane Masters instructional series to be very clear and educational. The cane exercises help with our overall fitness, mobility and balance. The self-defense techniques give us confidence in our abilities to protect ourselves and to avoid being victims. We proudly carry our Cane masters customized canes everywhere, and we are constantly urging our friends to learn cane self-defense also.

We recently traveled to Incline Village, NV to take Cane Master training from Grandmaster Mark Shuey. Not only did we have a grand vacation at Lake Tahoe, but we also received wonderful instruction from GM Shuey in how to use our canes for better exercise and practical self defense. He is a wonderful, patient teacher. We now have much more self confidence that we can protect ourselves; we are getting in much better shape; and we are very proud to carry the beautiful canes that GM Shuey handcrafted for us. We strongly recommend that you consider a trip to GM Shuey's training facility for lessons in the American Cane System. You will be very glad you did."

                                              Buck and Eileen
                                             Charlotte, NC



I am a double amputee and can't really be a part of the new advertising program -  hard for me to get around. 
 I just wanted to say that I have done a lot of word of mouth advertising of cane masters.  I love you guys. 
 I live in low income housing, one of my neighbors assaulted me in front of the elevators one day for no
reason just the last chapter in a campaign of terror.  As you can tell I really needed Cane Masters.  I think
a lot of people who are like me, old or disabled or both have a hard time seeing themselves as anything but
victims.  You have convinced me through your program that I do not have to be a victim and can defend myself
if the circumstances call for it.  Just having the additional persona of not victim is extremely useful for my
protection, even if I never have to use my cane.
The ability to use my cane for my self protection has given me a lot more confidence and increased my safety
 on the street where, because of being old and disabled I am vulnerable.  That is like wearing a sign on my back that says
potential victim.  I have not only had to defend myself I have had to defend my groceries (laugh). Thank you for having your
program, it has seriously made a difference in my life. Now if I could just find a teacher in Seattle I would truly
be a happy camper.
Katherine Anderson
March 28, 2012


March 6, 2012 article from the The Post-Standard of Syracuse New York: Click here for direct access


Dear Master Shuey,

I contacted you several months ago.  This e-mail is in follow up to that conversation.  

My name is Michael.  I'm 33 and have been using a cane for the last five years.  In September of 2010 I left the US to take a job in Nairobi, Kenya. Just before leaving I replaced my old hickory crook cane with a Grandmaster made from heart of hickory.  I was truly impressed with the quality and look of the cane, but it's real value was revealed in Africa.  

While in Africa I visited many rural areas, most of which weren't exactly safe.  During one such visit the group I was with was stopped and threatened by 3 men, one carrying a machete.  The leader of the group, the armed man, demanded we give up all of our valuables and money.  The four of us did not want things to get out of hand so we complied.   The four of us emptied out our pockets, and handed everything over.  The man was not happy with what we had and started screaming.  Our translator told us the man was demanding more, or he would take the woman that was with us.  The wife of the man I was visiting in Kenya.  Her husband told them to take the land rover and offered his ATM pin number, even offered to go with the men to get more money but they refused.

One of the unarmed men reached for my friends and everything exploded.  The next thing I knew the leader was swinging his machete.  It was aimed for the back of my friends neck. Though I have never trained in your style, I am well versed in hand to hand combat. I was able to deflect the blow, disarm the man and take him out of the fight.  His friends were not all that interested after their boss was down, and they ran.  The cane suffered damage, but not enough to render it unusable.  It's got some character now. The three men discounted me because i apeared to their eyes to be crippled. I was the last person they were worried about.

Oh, on a side note.  The Crane head was a great deal more effective than i ever imagined.  Though I could have accomplished the same with a stick, your cane proved to be both deadly and extremely resilient. It was training that enabled me to do what needed to be done.  But It was you that provided the tool.  A tool that helped save the lives of my friends, and myself.

I hope to see your schools opening in Georgia soon.  I'd love to have the opportunity to train under you.  

Have a wonderful Holiday, and thank you again.

Michael Alexander

Excerpted from Net Force, a recent novel of bestselling author Tom Clancy (The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger)

"Then again, the cane she pretended to need was a three-foot length of hand-crafted hickory, sanded furniture-smooth and lovingly oiled, made by Cane Masters, a small company in Incline Village, Nevada. Cane Masters specialized in building perfectly legal weapons for serious martial artists."

I found the teardrop hickory combat cane a very useful tool in persuading a black bear not to raid my food cache during a backpacking trip in Yosemite. I had brought my cane to use as a hiking stick, but it turned out being more useful than I could imagine.

I was camping at about 12,000 feet when I was awoken at about 3 a.m. by the woofing sound of a bear outside my tent.

Being your basic chicken type, I first tried to twirl the cane and make grunting noises to persuade him to leave. He wasn't impressed.

My juices were going, and I didn't relish the notionof a 2-day walkout without food, so I gave him my best shot straight down on the top of his head. Neither the cane nor the bear's skull seemed broke, but Ursus Annnoyingus did do a jog back into the trees.
Joe Helfer

You make the highest quality cane I have ever seen or used, as well as the most comfortable. I feel it will never be replaced because of too much hard use, it is very stout. Of course you know all this, I just feel compelled to express my happiness with your product.
D. Bagley


I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new cane!! Its balance and craftsmanship are wonderful!!
Michael Nussgen

I just visited your Web site and I have to say it's great. I am a proud owner of one of your Guardian walking canes and introductory video. I am a student of Kali and have incorporated the techniques I have learned with sticks and swords to the cane and the final results are awesome. Not only can I strike and parry using traditional techniques, but now I also have a horn and a sharp end to work with.


And I have taken my cane through airports-anywhere-and no one has even batted an eye (try doing this even with escrima sticks!). I just wanted you to know that everything your Internet site says (and your catalogs, too) is very true. Thanks for the honest and great job you are doing in the world of martial arts!
Octavio Ramos Jr.


I just received my cane today. It is truly a work of art. There is a sort of warmth that exudes from it when I handle it. A fine piece of work. I will most likely be sending in an order after Christmas for some of the tapes and a cane for workouts. Once again , my compliments on a superb job of craftsmanship and artistry. I will care well for it.
Richard "DOC" Storck


I'm very pleased with the Bokane I received yesterday!  I had mistakenly thought that the sharks tooth was a double point on the crook's point!  But now that I have a reference (the web site doesn't have a picture of the shark's tooth) I am doubly impressed by the effectiveness of such a design down the length of the bokane.  The crook is just a bit smaller than I imagined, won't fit around most necks, but the point on the crook will definitely grab someone's attention, if not secure a nice hold or activate a pressure point!

I tried some practice last night with the weapon, its very interesting to work with.  I'm very familiar with spears, bo staff, and long weapons, but this one is a different animal completely!  I like it very much.  I will definitely be getting some cane training to apply to this Bokane.

Thank you for a very impressive weapon, I will be ordering some master canes around the 15th of February, one for myself and one for my father.  He's had a hip transplant and sometimes walks with an adjustable cane.  I think a video and a nice master cane would be a great present for him and maybe spark some interest in the martial arts.

Aaron Alanen


I recently purchased a Custom Combat Hickory Cane and the "Foundations" videotape from Canemasters. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your workmanship, the excellence of your -- and your staff's -- combat teaching skills on the tape, and your overall professionalism.

You were courteous (and prompt!) in returning my e-mails and were a delight to talk to on the phone. The cane arrived at my office yesterday, and the entire company was buzzing about it. In fact, I think you can expect a couple of orders soon from my co-workers.
Mark Wilcox



Dear Cane Masters

I just received my order last night.  All I can say is WOW!  The Custom
Hickory with Heart Street Cane you made for me is just awesome.  The figure
in the wood, along with the difference in color between the Hickory and the
Heartwood provides a striking contrast.  I have never seen a cane this
beautiful before.  This is like a piece of fine furniture.  I ordered the
Birds head; Nasty Horn; Green Eyes; and Copper Ferrel.  The Heartwood (dark)
is on the outside of the crook, and the hickory (blond) is on the inside. The blond comes up to the curve of the crook, and looks like the breast coloring on a real bird.  The options I chose certainly compliment this cane.  Please "Thank" the craftsman who chose my blank and made my cane.  This far exceeded my expectations.

On another note;  I would like to compliment the lady I spoke to the day
after I place my Internet order.  I had ordered the "Health & Wellness
Student Package."  I knew I wanted a more personal and upscale cane than was
included in the package, so I called the next day and asked if a
substitution could be made.  She answered "YES", and advised that there
would be an "up-charge" for the upgraded cane (this was to be expected).  She
then helped me to upgrade my cane by answering several questions I had.  She
was very courteous and patient with me.  Please "Thank" her for me.


Arnold B.


From: Angela, Alameda California


I sure didn't expect to be following up with another e-mail to you so soon.

I mean, what are the odds of my needing to use my cane in self defense within less than 24 hours of owning it?? I always take my first walk as early as possible, sometimes as early as 4AM. I was almost home when I heard the jingle of another dog's tags from across the street. My dog went on alert, like the good dog he is. I never expected a very large Malamute mix to come charging at us between cars, but that's exactly what happened.

My hand quickly changed grip position on my magic cane. I hit the dog on the snout, and he immediately backed away. His owner went running after him, with the dog's leash still nicely folded in his hand. There were a lot of things I would have liked to have said to that guy, but I decided to just stop and wait until I knew my dog and I were safe, and then continued home.

I will go to animal control today and tell them what happened. I would definitely be able to identify the dog, if they have any other complaints about this guy. I don't blame the dog - he was only doing what dogs do.

But this guy obviously doesn't know the meaning of safe off-leash obedience, and apparently has little concern for the welfare of his dog. I don't think him or his dog were expecting a woman, with a hickory heart cane in hand!

Needless to say, that cane is already worth it's weight in gold...Thank you.


Vic, Moscow PA


I almost always carry a cane -- most often your custom combat cane -- when making trips into the city or traveling abroad. My wife keeps saying, "You should at least limp sometimes to make it look real."


I was waiting at the end of the subway platform at 86th St. in New York City with some shopping bags in my right hand, the cane (yours) in my left hand -- which is my weak side. I was approached by a male subject, 6' tall, 250 lbs. (I am leaving other descriptions out), who asked if I had the time.


I told him no. He moved in and grabbed at the packages in my right hand with his right hand. I stepped back on my right foot and hit him a glancing blow at the short ribs. He turned partially around and as I struck back at him with a full angle backhand, he moved alongside a steel I-beam, and my blow landed on the edge of the beam. He ran out the exit.


Checked the cane and saw that the shaft had started to separate, but was not broken, though -- and that after a hard strike to a steel edge.


I am, of course, replacing the cane. I have had it for about five years, and at a cost of roughly $9/year, that is good insurance.


 (Name withheld by request)

I am writing you this letter to express my sincerest gratitude for the cane techniques you taught me with your video tapes. I believe that I was able to defend my life recently in Madrid, Spain where I witnessed three young men picking the backpack of a female tourist on the street. Their brazen act so appalled me that I reacted without thinking and called to her to guard her belongings,which interrupted their attempt to rob her. They then turned their attention towards me where I found myself (a fifty year old man) facing three twenty year old angry young men. They followed me and eventually confronted me. After much posturing on their part, it became frighteningly clear that they were set on extracting some revenge upon me for my interference. My cane caused them some concern, as they stayed out of striking distance of it. The angriest of the three inched forward and I extended my cane like a sword and ordered him not to come any closer. He stopped briefly and taunted me as to my intentions with the cane. At this point, I stopped speaking Spanish and prepared myself for battle. When he attempted to flinch me by throwing his shoulder at me, I told him that was enough, and threw a "double figure eight" at him. Fortunately for him I missed, but the force of the cane cleared them from striking distance of me. Fortunately for me as they fled from my move, a couple of Spanish police men laid hands on two of them, and the confrontation was ended. The cane gave me time and distance. Without it, they would have overpowered me and probable beaten me severely. I am a registered Nurse. I am by no means an accomplished martial artist; I have physical limitations as a result of an accident. I carry a cane out of necessity. Sensei Shuey techniques are straightforward and effective. With his teachings and my cane, I have the self-confidence to travel without fear of being a victim. Thank you Mark!


Charles, Arabi LA

"I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how helpful your system has
been. In July of this year (2003) I had arthroscopic surgery on my
knee. I did not receive professional physical therapy, but was given
a list of exercises to do on my own to strengthen my knee. All but
one of the exercises was simple enough to do with no need for
equipment. One though did call for riding a stationary bike. Well, I
didn't own one nor did I belong to a gym or health club, so I referred
to the first training video ... By placing the exercise band around the
cane and the ends on my feet I had a stationary bike. I could do it
laying on my back or sitting in a chair. As my knee grows stronger
I can add resistance by rolling the exercise band on the cane making
it shorter. Thank you Canemasters, you've been a great help.

Hello Merle,

OOO-RAHHH!!!Man, this is simply fantastic! I have waited and saved for some time before I could place this order and I can hardly stand it until they arrive!!! But don't let my anxiousness cause you folks any concern. I have always been impressed and inspired by Cane Masters commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and I agree that that should always come first. To tell you the truth, I am enjoying my excitement because I know that my new equipment will be crafted to the same high standards as are my basic training cane and workout gear. Thank you for the update and your personal commitment to my order.

Sincerely, Tim Shaffer

Semper Fi

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