Design Your Own Cane

Date Added: 02/04/2017 by Peter Cohen
Design Your Own Cane

I could not be happier with my custom cane. My cane design was deliberately kept within reason. Other than some grips high on the shaft, it looks like a cane might and not a soul has thought it anything other than a walking stick. It looks like a very nice walking cane, heartwood with tung oil, and in the couple months I've had it, strangers have complimented me on it. It is however also an extra dense hickory shillelagh, every bit as capable of doing that job as it is favoring a bum knee.

I spent decades in my youth learning enough martial arts to know no fear. Now that I am pushing sixty and much of that youthful education is less serviceable, it's nice having this beautiful cane at my side, letting me continue to enjoy that freedom.