Silver Dragons Curriculum

Silver Dragons Curriculum

1. Purchase the Silver Dragon Silver Sash First Stripe membership kit and begin study in Cane Fu and Cane Ja. They may make payments if necessary.

2. Perform the "dirty dozen" to an approved Cane Master Certified Instructor in person or via video. There is no fee involved with the testing. Upon successful completion, the Silver Dragon will be awarded the Silver Sash First Stripe.

3. For a promotion to Silver Sash Second Stripe the student must study and become proficient with the curriculum to become a Certified Cane Fu Instructor. Once passing this step the Silver Dragon may, if he or she chooses, begin teaching the complete Cane Fu program.

4. The Silver Sash Third Stripe requires the student to learn the cane kata, Reflection 1, incorporated in the American Cane System Level 1 video and perform it with their dominant hand.

5. After performing the ACS Level 1 kata Refelction 1 with their non dominant hand, the Silver Dragon will be awarded the Silver Sash Fourth Stripe as well as a Yellow Belt ranking in the American Cane System curriculum.

An active Cane Master approved by Grand Master Shuey or Master Patterson may approve promotion of a student up to 4th degree Silver Sash as the student continues to demonstrate increased proficiency and remains active in Cane Masters. They may purchase (but are not required) to purchase a Cane Master Silver Dragon official Gi. After achieving 4th degree Silver belt, the student should be encouraged by their instructor to strongly consider starting the CMIA official belt ranking system and/or consider teaching Cane Fu. Silver belt practitioners (over 60 years of age) will only have to pay annual dues at half- price. They must continue to pay discounted dues annually in order to maintain rank and membership.