American Cane System

What is the American Cane System?

The American Cane System is a traditional martial art style founded by Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey, Sr. that uses a walking cane for blocks, strikes, kata, and self-defense.  The style has been internationally recognized and demonstrated, including articles in the Wall Street Journal, features on CNN, the CBS Early Show, Fox News, and major martial arts magazines.  The style is documented in a series of eight instructional DVDs, with supplemental resources available to certified American Cane System black belts for 2nd Degree and higher.  American Cane System classes are taught by certified adult black belt instructors.  The style includes 8 colored belt levels: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, tan, and brown, followed by 10 degrees of black belt. 

This is a distinct style with standards, time requirements, testings, and certifications.  It is different than other Cane Master International Association programs, such as Cane Ja, Cane Chi, and others which could be incorporated into an existing system or curriculum; instead, it can be offered as a second, separate style within an organization.


What if you don't offer classes where I live?

We know that not everyone lives close to our training hall. There are options for distance learning. Each rank up to 1st Degree black belt is documented with a series of instructional DVDs This allows students to begin studying at home. These students register as members and correspond by sending in short videos for feedback. Occasionally, they schedule a time to travel to our training locations to train in person with our instructors. If you are interested in learning more contact us:

International Headquarters
Cane Masters International Association
Incline Village, Nevada 89450
(800) 422-2263

North East Main Office
American Martial Arts Institute
New Hartford, New York 13413
(315) 768-1859
Web: AMAI-EagleStyle.Com