I bought my cane from Mark Shuey two years ago, this month.  I have carried it everywhere I go, every day since I’ve had it, and it’s become my favorite possession. I’m 71 years old, and in pretty good condition.  I do have neuropathy in my feet, which causes occasional balance problems.  Carrying the cane, particularly around my condo, has helped me maintain my balance when I may have fallen without it.
I refer to the cane as a “multi-purpose assistive device,” since it assists ambulation, can be used in self-defense, and is, in my case, my sole form of exercise. I purchased a few of Mark’s videos, and practice about one hour daily in the warm-ups and defensive moves he demonstrates.  I also use the cane for isometric exercise during my workouts.
I bought the cane primarily for self-defense, after seeing an increase of reported violent attacks on riders of the D.C. subway system.  As long as I don’t put the cane tip on the ground, so I don’t look like I’m carrying it for ambulatory support, it’s interesting how people on the street respond.  I’m unobtrusive with it, but some folks cross the street, and many smile.  In any event, I think carrying this cane brings out the best in others I encounter on the sidewalks.
(I doubt the reactions would be as comforting to me if the cane were aluminum, or had a rubber quad-tip on it.)
I’d be happy to respond to questions that people might have on my experiences.  You can Google me; I’m not hard to find.

Good luck,
John Dring

Received my Grand Master Cane today and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. The detailed work is beautiful and the finish well done.
It feels like an extension of my arm and is a pleasure  to use. I will order again from Canemasters.
Thank you,

Ron Park


The facilities are comfortable with a wide range of workout and cane specific equipment. The staff and instructors, especially Grand Master Shuey, are always available and flexible to changes in student workout requirements. Everyone is very supportive in students efforts successful or otherwise. There is also a feeling of personal contact with students. The location is centrally located in Incline Village, close to shopping and services. Master Shuey has a dome reflection and ticker output second to none. My attitude is improving with time and training with Cane Masters too. Since I started, my balance has greatly improved; my training has helped with my skiing and my overall wellbeing. I highly recommend Grand Master Shuey's teaching and methods to anyone looking to improve themselves.
Marty D.
Age: 79

Through three of the company's videos, I am learning to use my canes for self-defense and exercise. I think this is the first time I have enjoyed an exercise video, although I have used a variety of them. Because I have several chronic illnesses that cause pain and fatigue, I often end an exercise session with more pain than I had at the start. However, after using a Cane Masters video, I feel better instead of worse. Grand Master Shuey demonstrates the techniques clearly, with a calm, professional, and cheerful demeanor. Although the videos begin with moves that are not strenuous for me and that are relatively simple, Grand Master Shuey explains how a person can intensify the workout using stretch therapy bands with greater resistance. I had only been using a cane for two weeks when I learned about Cane Masters, its hand-crafted canes, and its training programs. Instead of having stress from getting used to carrying and using a cane, I have had the positive and very happy experience of obtaining two beautiful canes that I love to carry and use. I also have videos that are teaching me self-defense techniques and providing exercise and therapy that are key components in my health treatment plan. It's so good to meet people whose objective is making life better for others. I'm thankful that Cane Masters is having a positive effect on mine.
Marsha Zimsky
Chesterfield, Virginia

GM Shuey,
I am a North American Special Operations combatives instructor and writing to thank you not only for an excellent product but phenomenal service. I have used your canes and promoted them for a number of years for some very specific training applications. In my opinion they are the best out there. On a recent order you dropped everything to customize to my needs and it was done in short order. Thank you. I have trained personally a professional who in plain clothes used one of your canes to successfully extract themselves from a very dangerous situation against an armed attacker. The Shark Teeth are a great design. Thanks for an excellent product.


As senior citizens, we find the Cane Masters instructional series to be very clear and educational. The cane exercises help with our overall fitness, mobility and balance. The self-defense techniques give us confidence in our abilities to protect ourselves and to avoid being victims. We proudly carry our Cane masters customized canes everywhere, and we are constantly urging our friends to learn cane self-defense also. We recently traveled to Incline Village, NV to take Cane Master training from Grandmaster Mark Shuey. Not only did we have a grand vacation at Lake Tahoe, but we also received wonderful instruction from GM Shuey in how to use our canes for better exercise and practical self defense. He is a wonderful, patient teacher. We now have much more self confidence that we can protect ourselves; we are getting in much better shape; and we are very proud to carry the beautiful canes that GM Shuey handcrafted for us. We strongly recommend that you consider a trip to GM Shuey's training facility for lessons in the American Cane System. You will be very glad you did.
Buck and Eileen
Charlotte, NC