Cane Masters Asso.

Cane Masters International Association

Membership DOES INDEED Have It's Privileges!

Join Cane Masters International Association, one of the fastest growing self-defense and martial arts organizations in the world! With your paid membership, you will receive not only discounts on Cane Masters merchandise but also training tips, newsletter, as well as offers not available to the general public. Discover for yourself what so many others have: The Cane is MORE than a Crutch!

General CMIA Membership This level is for those folks who want to simply express their interest in the cane and save some money;

15% off the regular retail price of Cane Masters merchandise*.

New members $45 and yearly renewals $35.

Student Membership
As a Student member, you are showing that you want to train and attain ranking in the American Cane
System with the goal of becoming a Canemaster and/or Certified Instructor in either the American Cane
System or Cane-Fu.  In addition to a 20% discount off the regular retail price of Cane Masters
Merchandise*, you will also receive your first ranking test free ($40 value).
New members $75 and yearly renewals $45.

Gold Lifetime Membership
Never pay membership dues again!  Plus, get 15% off the regular retail price of Cane Masters
merchandise*, AND a one-time 30% discount off any order of $300 or more of regular retail priced Cane
Masters merchandise*.  $285

*Regular priced Cane Masters merchandise refers to any cane from our premium or standard cane collection, any Cane
Masters produced video, and any Cane Masters produced manual or book, not already on sale. Packages, memberships, and gift certificates not included in the offer for discount.

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