Making Canes

Making Canes

To know a Cane Masters Premium cane, is to have held one in your hand. It is soft and smooth to the touch, but deadly to the ill-advised assailant.

Join Grand Master Mark Shuey, Sr., as he describes the multi-step process involved in the crafting of each cane.

Making Cane Masters Cane

Step ONE: The crooks are bent. In order to assure the finest quality of raw stock, we have contracted with a variety of suppliers around the country,some of whom have been in operation for over 4 generations. Whether it's hickory or oak, all Cane Masters canes start out as a hand selected straight piece of wood. The stock is then soaked in a hot water and fabric softener solution, placed in a hydraulic jig in order to set the bend while still wet, and left to dry for a week or longer depending on the humidity. Because of the tight levels of quality control, our inspectors reject nearly 20% of the final raw product.

Making Cane Masters Cane

Step TWO: The crook is smoothed. Using both belt and palm sanders, the crook is carefully formed. The horn is then shaped into either a sharp or smooth point. Some of the canes are given fangs for an even more effective Self Defense Tool.

canes self defense

Step THREE: The canes are then given their grips. Using a spindle sander, each grip is carefully carved into the shaft of the cane.

Step FOUR: All canes are given their first sanding. There is a three step process, where the canes are sanded with first 80-grit paper, then 120-grit paper, and then finally 220-grit sandpaper.

Step FIVE: Oiling the canes. The canes are then dipped overnight in a non-toxic oil.

Making Cane Masters Cane - Oiling the Cane

Step SIX: The canes are then wet sanded, this time using a 400-grit paper.

Step SEVEN: The canes are re-dipped in the oil, and sanded again, at 600-grit.

Making Cane Masters Cane - Sanding After Oil

Step EIGHT: The canes are laser etched with customer requested lettering and/or icons.

Step NINE:  Canes that require tung oil are treated with a minimum of  5 applications of the high gloss finish at this point.

Making Cane Masters Cane - Finished with Tung Oil

Step TEN:  Now it's time to install extras such as eyes or copper tips.

Step ELEVEN: The canes are packed up and prepared for shipping.