Engraving Options

Laser Engraving Canes

We have 2 different Engraving Options: For $15 we can engrave any Icon listed below or 3 initials on your cane. Or, for $39.95 we can engrave up to 42 characters including your own provided icon.

If you are providing your own image to be laser engraved, there are some rules that must be followed on your files:

All images must be in black and white. No color or grayscale images. The reason for this is laser either burns where it sees black in the image, or it doesn't burn if it sees white. If there is any gray in your image, it will not burn properly.

All icons must be copy write free, or you must own the permissions.

Due to the variance in grain color of wood, your engraving will not look exactly like the images we represent on our website. If you have any further questions about laser engraving, please contact us at 800-422-2263, or email: info@canemasters.com

Engraving Icons