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Details:Self Defense the UK Way   Join GM Mark Shuey Sr.  and Canemaster Chris Bird in this exciting self defense video featuring the cane. Learn techniques staged in a wide range of “street” scenarios. Tactics include: * Multiple opponents defense * Defense versus a gun * Defense on public transportation * Female versus male defense * Pressure point defense    and many more!   Note: Be sure to check each box ... more info

Details:Pure Hickory with Heartwood Diamond Shaft Cane-34"   Bird's Head horn One grip at the top and middle of the shaft High Gloss Tung Oil finish

Details:Pure Hickory Heartwood Cane with   High Gloss Tung Oil Finish 37-1/2"   Bird's Head horn One grip at the top of the shaft Copper tip

Details:Personal Protection Cane with Black Dye   and High Gloss Tung Oil Finish 36-1/2"   Sharp Bird's Head horn Copper Tip   Image above is NOT the actual cane, but a representative of the style.

Custom Wood Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. We offer the finest Custom Combat Wood Canes available, including Fighting Canes for the Martial Artist, Rehabilitation, Wellness Canes for Seniors and the Disabled or simply the highest quality Hard Wood Walking Canes in the market!
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