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Our new “Cane Ja” self-defense program is a complete system for all adults age 21 and older
who want to learn how to defend themselves and others with a cane. The “core” provides the
required understanding and techniques. The curriculum is made up of the following 3 DVDs:
The Basic Foundation of the Cane, Intermediate Techniques and Advanced Techniques and Takedowns. These same dvd's are at the "roots" of both Cane-fu and The American Cane System.

For Cane Ja, we add the Street Techniques 1 and Street Techniques 2 videos which are the capstones for extremely effective instructional training, designed for the "down and dirty" world of the streets
and practically anywhere else.


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Custom Wood Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. We offer the finest Custom Combat Wood Canes available, including Fighting Canes for the Martial Artist, Rehabilitation, Wellness Canes for Seniors and the Disabled or simply the highest quality Hard Wood Walking Canes in the market!
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