15-10 Discount Promotion

15-10 Discount Program

For Members ONLY!




Thank you for your continuing support of Cane Masters and the American Cane System through your CMIA Membership.


Many of our customers get asked where they purchased their cane, and have called us asking for business cards with contact information to offer these folks. We now have a card (available only to CMIA Members) that you can give to family, friends or people you meet who may benefit from a Cane Masters cane or other product. 


What makes this card special is that it offers the recipient a one-time 15% discount on Cane Masters merchandise not on sale or in a discounted package, AND a 10% credit to you, the CMIA Member who handed it to them, based on the total of the purchase!


For example: Someone you gave a card to places an order for $200 (not including any taxes, shipping or handling). If the cardholder gives us the code imprinted on the card, he/she saves $30 and you get $20 applied to your account. If the recipient passes the card to a friend, it happens again, and hopefully again and again. In this way, you wind up getting a credit for each new person who uses the card!


Remember, to receive any rewards you must be a CMIA member in good standing.


PLEASE NOTE: The 15% discount for the recipient will be processed manually. Those who use PayPal will have their accounts credited accordingly.


Thank you again for you support and patronage!


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