Outside Sales Rep Opportunity

Interest in Cane Masters has been growing at an incredible pace! As such, we are looking for people who want to invest their time into promoting Cane Masters, The American Cane System, the Health, Wellness, and Exercise System, and Cane-Fu in their communities.
We are offering an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting program as a Sales Representative for Cane Masters. This is a commission based program that will offer you up to 50% in commissions on sales of Cane Masters merchandise and programs.

Consider the potential clients at your finger tips: Martial arts schools, Health Clubs, Senior Centers, Veteran's organizations, Rehabilitation centers, Health Professionals, Self-Defense and Community Safety organizations, etc.

For more information, please call 800-422-2263.
Custom Wood Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. We offer the finest Custom Combat Wood Canes available, including Fighting Canes for the Martial Artist, Rehabilitation, Wellness Canes for Seniors and the Disabled or simply the highest quality Hard Wood Walking Canes in the market!
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