Cane Options

Cane Options


Below you will find images of all the options available for our Premium and Standard canes


Wood Types

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Round Horn  Chisel Horn  CMIA/Cane-Fu Horn


Bird's Head Horn  Soft Bird's Head Horn


Dark Vader HornViper's Head Horn  Shark's Tooth Horn


DTNC Horn  Gents Horn  Fangs Horn


Camel Head Closed Mouth Dragon Eagle Head


Open Mouth Dragon Horse Head








Grips on Shaft


Grips on Crook



Shark's teeth




Octogon shaft



Teardrop shaft





Diamond shaft




Square Cut Shaft



Derby Handle



Head Knocker Extension





Cane Ja Striking Edge





High Gloss Tung Oil



Organic Tung Oil




Copper tip



Black Stain with Tung Oil



Brown Stain with Tung Oil

from top to bottom:

Hickory (light brown)

Walnut (medium brown)

Van Dyke (dark brown)

Life Like Eyes



Flourescent Orange                                  Blue






Yellow                                   Green



Dark Blue


Laser Engraving


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Aluminum Metal Tip


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Custom Wood Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. We offer the finest Custom Combat Wood Canes available, including Fighting Canes for the Martial Artist, Rehabilitation, Wellness Canes for Seniors and the Disabled or simply the highest quality Hard Wood Walking Canes in the market!
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