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Action Fighting Arts
Training in all areas of defense and subject control.
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The American Federation of Jujitsu
is the world's largest open style Jujitsu

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Arnis Balite
Filipino art of Hand, Foot and Stick fighting never before taught outside the Philippines
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cane masters links - black belt magazine Black Belt Magazine
Online subscription to the magazine, Black  Belt hall of fame, books, CDs, videos, resources and links.


Bullet Proof Vest

Description: We present the complete range of the best Bulletproof & Stab Proof Clothing & Equipment at extremely cheap prices. Our selection consists of Vests, Jackets, Helmets, Briefcases, Plates, Goggles, Gloves and other Trauma related Products. Most of our Bulletproof & Stab Proof Clothing come in sizes ranging from small to XXXXL.

Bullet proof Vest


Contemporary Fighting Arts
Sammy Franco's martial arts establishment
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         Shaolin Academy of Martial Arts


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"Everything for the martial arts."
Such as: weapons, clubs and groups, books, chat, forums, humor, and more.


Martial Arts Entertainment Radio
Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine


cane masters links - international combat hapkido federation International Combat Hapkido Federation
A "different" kind of Martial Arts Organization committed to the professional enhancement of its members.The ICHF was founded in 1992 by Grandmaster John Pellegrini who is the President of the Organization.

cane masters links - jinenkan dayton dojo Jinenkan-Dayton Dojo
Jissen Kobudo Jinenkan, Classical Japanese Martial Arts. The art of the Ninja. Striking, grappling, weapons training.



				Brazilian(BJJ)/Gracie(GJJ) Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

Maryland, Virginia, and DC Brazilian/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Classes. Don't miss out on the amazing and FREE 30 Day Trial Offer of his Grappling 
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cane masters links - natural motion martial arts Natural Motion Martial Arts
We believe that martial arts strengthens the mind, body, and spirit. That is why we are committed to bringing high quality adaptive martial arts to everyone, giving each individual the opportunity to achieve their potential.


"The Little Ninja"
A Flash movie in several chapters from (soon to be released on DVD). The site also has message boards and games about the character.
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Provides background information about more than 50 styles of Martial Arts, along with Forums, Chat, and a discussion group.

Northern Chi Martial Arts Center
Training in Kenpo Karate, the Canemasters system, and other Martial Arts. Multiple Mid-Coast and Southern Maine locations.
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cane masters links - the peaceful warriors martial arts institute The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute
Instruction in the Korean arts of Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do, taught in traditional, non-sport ways. Realistic heads-up self defense.


Pioneers and Legends International Martial Art Society Hall of Fame
is the brain child of 4 of the leading Martial Arts Masters in the USA today.
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Protect Me First
Your first stop for quality personal protection products.

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cane masters links - protection shoppe
Personal protection items.




Shuyokan Martial Arts Center
Costa Mesa, CA, shuyokan dojo.
cane masters links - shuyokan martial arts center
 The Ultimate Guide to Surveillance Cameras
The Ultimate Guide to Surveillance Cameras


 cane masters links - tiger claw TigerClaw
The Masters' Choice for Martial Arts Gear

Tokoshi Martial Arts Federation

A federation free of politics and egos.
cane masters links - tokoshi martial arts federation

United States Martial Arts Association
The Official Web site of the Association.
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Valley Martial Arts Supply
Serving Students & Masters since 1976. We carry the full line of Cane Masters products. Equipment & Supplies for ALL Martial Arts.
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cane masters links - vital force traning and fitness  Vital Force Training and Fitness
Martial fitness program, teaching use of the cane as a self-defense tool. Located in Gaithersburg, MD.


The official site of the premier art of Wabujitsu - from Shihan Jeff Cook, the master of Close Quarters Combat.
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cane masters links - heaven mountain kung fu and tai chi

Heaven Mountain Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Teaching Long Fist Gongfu, Yang Family Taijquan, and the Canemasters system. Located in Fallston, Maryland (20 miles NE of Baltimore)



Dedicated to promoting International Martial Arts Competitions to offer competitors from around the world a fair and safe arena for both kids and adults, all belt ranks, all styles and systems, both male and female.

cane masters links - w.o.m.a.a. the world organization of martial arts athletes


cane masters links -  world black belt World Black Belt



Custom Wood Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. We offer the finest Custom Combat Wood Canes available, including Fighting Canes for the Martial Artist, Rehabilitation, Wellness Canes for Seniors and the Disabled or simply the highest quality Hard Wood Walking Canes in the market!
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