Become a Cane-Fu Instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Instructor in the Cane-Fu System for
self-defense and exercise. We have taken great care to create a program that is effective
and efficient, and is easy to teach and learn. This is not as robust a curriculum as the
American Cane System, but can be used as a stepping stone to reach the level of

The criteria to become a Certified Cane-Fu Instructor follows:

1. Learn the information contained in the “Basic Foundation”, “The Exercise
System”, the “Intermediate Techniques and Drills”, and the “Advanced
Techniques and Takedowns” videos, in addition to the information contained in
the Cane-Fu manual.

2. Produce a video demonstrating all the exercise, stretching, and self-defense
techniques as shown in the Cane-Fu Manual, plus show 10 unique self-defense
techniques that either you have designed yourself, or have pulled from the
additional instructional media. This can be accomplished in two separate
productions: One containing the exercise/stretching portion, and the other showing
the self-defense techniques both right and left handed.

3. Volunteer 20 hours of your time to a local senior’s center or assisted living center to
work with their physical fitness instructor(s) in order to get a good “feel” of what it’s
like to work with seniors; you must document this time with the instructor you are
working with. You may NOT conduct any Cane-Fu instruction during this time
period, but you may offer a demonstration using your own assistant.

4. Arrange for one of our Certified Instructors or Canemasters to assist and critique
your instructional techniques during your first Cane-FuWorkshop. This will be
your final test for becoming certified.

Once you have completed and passed the course, you will be designated as a Certified
Cane-Fu Instructor. As a result, you will be eligible for wholesale discounts on Cane
Masters products, permitted to use our logos for marketing purposes, and will be listed on
our website as a Certified Cane-Fu Instructor.

The cost for the program is $355.95 which includes a Standard Therapy cane, the four
training videos, Cane-Fu manual, three exercise bands, Cane-Fu t-shirt, and Student membership; video
testing costs are $40 each; the cost for your final test with a Certified Instructor or
Canemaster is $100 plus travel expenses.
Thank you again for your interest and desire to become a Certified Cane-Fu Instructor.

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